Videography & Photography

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IAA Licensed


We are commercial permit holders with the Irish Aviation Authority.[/peekskill_side_icon_text][peekskill_side_icon_text image=”4700″ retina_image=”4701″]

Dublin Based

We are located in Ireland’s Capital, which makes us close to the action and ready to fly in Dublin at short notice.[/peekskill_side_icon_text]

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Fully Insured


We are insured up to €7 million. This can be increased depending on the job.[/peekskill_side_icon_text][peekskill_side_icon_text image=”4714″ retina_image=”4715″]

4K Video

We shoot with top-of-the-range DJI drones, to make sure we get the best footage possible.[/peekskill_side_icon_text]

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Highly Qualified

We both earned a BA degree in Photography, in Dublin’s Institute of Technology.[/peekskill_side_icon_text][peekskill_side_icon_text image=”4719″ retina_image=”4720″]


We are happy to quote for any size of job or budget. We offer half day and full day rates.[/peekskill_side_icon_text]